Lantmännen’s Annual Report for 2012 is here


This year, Lantmännen takes a big step towards greater clarity: this year’s edition is an integrated Annual Report with Sustainability Report, which gives a good overall picture of our business.

The report is available for download at There you will also find the Year Review, which is a shorter version of the full report. You can also listen to certain parts of the Annual Report with Sustainability Report on your computer, or directly from your mobile phone.

Please note that the reports are currently only available in Swedish; they are being translated and will be published at the links above as soon as they are finished.

A few significant events in 2012

  • Lantmännen Agroetanol and Lantmännen Aspen received sustainability statements from the Swedish Energy Agency.
  • Lantmännen took first place as the most sustainable brand in the consumer goods/food category of the survey ‘Sustainable Brands’.
  • At the Board of Directors’ first meeting, Bengt-Olov Gunnarson was elected chairman, and Nils Lundberg vice chairman, of the Board.
  • The Swedish Chemicals Agency approved Lantmännen BioAgri’s biological pesticide Cedress for use in the cultivation of carrots.
  • A new, more efficient organization was introduced in Cerealia, and a restructuring program including reduction of 60 full-time jobs was implemented.
  • Lantmännen Lantbruk opened a grain reception in Laholm, Sweden.
  • The Board decided to switch to four-month financial reporting from 2013 and onwards.
  • In November, a seminar was held on the theme of ‘cooperative business opportunities for the future’.

Sustainability in focus
The increased integration of the sustainability report into the annual report means, in brief, that the key sustainability issues are highlighted in a clearer way.

“The most important sustainability issues in this year’s annual report is that Lantmännen increased its proportion of certificates for responsibly produced soy from 22 to 37 percent in 2012 (our goal is 50 percent by 2013). During the year, we also further phased over our businesses to renewable energy, equivalent to a third of last year’s consumption of heating oil,” says Claes Johansson, Head of Sustainability at Lantmännen.

In addition to the key sustainability issues that are raised in the printed report, there are also always more facts about our important issues right here on the web, at