Lantmännen continues to increase its share of certified soy


Lantmännen has reached their first interim target in the strategy to promote more responsible soy production. The share of RTRS-certified soy increased, from 37 percent in 2012 to 50 percent in 2013.

“In 2013 we reached this milestone, which is an important interim target in our work with responsible soy supply. We’ve been on a long journey from when we started this work in 2007 to the 50 percent level that we’ve now achieved. Our strategy has always been based on supporting the leading international initiative to develop more responsible soy production and to influence this by being at the forefront of this development. We wouldn’t have reached this target without a strong partnership with our soy suppliers Denofa and Cefetra. Partnership in the value chain, including our customers is crucial for the next step towards full implementation.” says Claes Johansson, Head of Sustainability at Lantmännen.

The target was reached by buying RTRS-credits through the RTRS Credit Trade platform.

Even if the first steps towards sustainable soy production is taken, there is still a long way to go to reach a long term sustainable soy production. The global demand for certified soya from the South American crops remains weak, presenting an obstacle for the development of soya that is cultivated in a more responsible way.

Although Lantmännen is a small player in a global market, it is still playing an important and clear role by increasing demand for RTRS-certified soya. The Dutch company Cefetra is one of Lantmännen's suppliers and stress the importance of demand in the market.

“The reason behind Cefetra’s success in the RTRS-certification programme is our work with farmers in South America and the support of feed producers in Europe. Lantmännen has made a long-term commitment to demand certified soya, which has created a valuable incentive for farmers to work on certification and invest in responsible soya production,” says Roel Baakman, Head of Sustainability & Nutrition at  Cefetra.

“It is important for the entire value chain to be involved and in Sweden we’ve clearly seen more players in the Swedish food chain getting involved. Lantmännen continues to be an important part of this development and we’re looking forward to taking the next step in this work with our colleagues in the industry,” concludes Claes Johansson.

For more information, please contact:
Claes Johansson, Head of Sustainable Development at Lantmännen 

+46 010-5561005