Johan Andersson new Head of the Agriculture Sector from January 1, 2014


Johan Andersson, currently CEO of the slaughterhouse business KLS Ugglarps, part of Danish Crown, has been appointed new Head of Lantmännen’s Agriculture Sector from January 1, 2014.

Monika Lekander will remain head of the sector until Johan assumes his new position. Monika, who has been Head of Lantmännen’s Agriculture Sector since 2010, will at the same time assume a new position with a stronger international focus.

“I’m very pleased that we have been able to recruit Johan Andersson as Monika’s successor. Johan is currently CEO of KLS Ugglarps: he has an understanding and knowledge of agricultural conditions, and has in previous roles demonstrated an ability to successfully develop businesses and build strong networks in the industry. These are abilities that are important for the continued development of the Agriculture Sector,” says Per Olof Nyman, Group President and CEO of Lantmännen.

Johan Andersson and Monika Lekander. Photo: Kristina Wirén / Lantmännen.

Johan Andersson is 48 years old, and has since 2009 been the CEO of KLS Ugglarps – a subsidiary of the farmer-owned Danish Crown. For twenty years, he has held management positions related to agriculture – for example in Scan – and has solid experience of both development-related market issues and purchasing challenges.

“The Agriculture Sector has undergone significant changes in recent years. I look forward to taking over, and to continue the development of the Agriculture Sector into an efficient purchasing, sales, and service organization for Swedish farmers,” says Johan Andersson.

Monika has during her time as Head of the Agriculture Sector successfully initiated and implemented the first phase of a comprehensive change and improvement program.

“As we are now moving into the next phase, where we will grow the business and improve our response to increasing demands from our customers and owners, Monika will be moving on to other tasks within Lantmännen. She will be responsible for a number of strategic priority projects, thus actively contributing to shaping Lantmännen’s direction for the future. Monika will continue to report to me, and will also remain as one of Lantmännen’s representatives in HaGe Kiel’s Board of Directors,” concludes Per Olof Nyman.