Friendlier wheat - up to 20 percent lower carbon footprint

From October 2015, all wheat flour in Kungsörnen’s Vänligare vete (Friendlier wheat) range is produced according to Lantmännen’s new Climate & Nature cultivation concept.

Friendlier wheat is the result of cooperation between Lantmännen’s owners and Swedish farmers, dialogue with our customers and extensive research and development. Approximately 70,000 tonnes of Friendlier wheat has been produced annually, with a reduction of climate impact. 

The consumer can now take action for the climate by choosing Kungsörnen’s wheat flour with a 20 percent lower climate impact.

The Climate & Nature cultivation concept includes 39 criteria that farmers must fulfill in the entire chain from sowing to harvest and transport, with a focus on reducing emissions and promoting biodiversity. The result is a carbon footprint that is up to 20 percent lower than with average Swedish wheat production. Farmers who grow the wheat are paid more for the added value they deliver by using the cultivation method.