With a wide range of businesses within agriculture, machinery, bioenergy, food and real estate, we can offer career and growth opportunities across industries, countries, companies and areas of expertise. And at Lantmännen you never stop learning and we want to make it possible for you to develop and grow - from field to fork - so that you can work with things you are passionate about.

Paths within Lantmännen

Change sector?

Through our broad business, we can offer cross-sector opportunities, for you to develop competencies from different areas, from breadth to expertise. Which path does your journey take?

New country?

We have operations in over 20 countries, so at Lantmännen you have opportunities to explore new markets and cultures. And if you are one of Lantmännen's graduate trainees, you always work some time abroad.

Specialist or manager?

Lantmännen need people that are curious, that have the ambition to make a difference and the drive to influence our road ahead. Hence, we provide opportunities for both a specialist and a managerial career.

Switch function?

At Lantmännen we need employees with the courage to try new ways. And we want to be able to offer you the challenges you are looking for - one possible way is to change function.


Maybe you want to gain experiences outside Lantmännen? Of course, you should do that - at Lantmännen we leave the door open for employees to return.

We invest in our leaders

At Lantmännen we build-from-within, as we believe that hands on experience is key when it comes to leadership development. To hone our employees' leadership skills even further, we have developed training program for both our more senior leaders and our emerging talents. These are just some examples of the different development opportunities available at Lantmännen and one of many reasons to start your growth journey with us.


Our Early Talent Program is all about exploring yourself and your potential, motivation and drive, as well as your strengths. In tandem, you will gain deeper insights into our broad business - from field to fork.


For middle managers, we offer a comprehensive 13-month program within areas such as strategy, result-oriented leadership and dynamic change - because we think that when our leaders grow - our employees can flourish.


Our Executive Coaching Program provide our senior leaders with an 18-month development journey. Here, an external executive coach helps you improve how to maneuver among challenges in a complex environment.