At Lantmännen we invest in innovation and sustainable development, we work together and we explore new possibilities. Join our team and get to know some of your future colleagues.

Jakob Söderström

Innovation & Business Development
Stockholm, Sweden

“One of the main reasons why I love working at Lantmännen is the ability to make a difference. We are a cooperative, which means that we not only focus on the next quarterly report, but that we also put emphasis on driving long term innovation throughout the entire company. Owning the value chain, from field to fork, for me means endless possibilities!”

Jolien Demeyer

Category Manager Pastry & Fast Food
USA, Chicago, 

"A career without borders! I love the combination between having the entrepreneurial spirit and experiencing as many different cultures, languages, life experiences and point of view as possible, for me it’s the fastest way to grow as a person, this while having fun with your colleagues! #Greentrack!"

Helena Storsten

Project Manager
Germany, Düsseldorf

"As a former trainee I was intrigued to try out exciting positions within Lantmännen's grain value chain, both in Sweden, internationally and within B2B and B2C. I have now taken on a role, pushing me outside my comfort zone, but with the confidence of managers and supportive colleagues; "You can do this!" 

Olli Lavikka

Group Production Director Unibake
Denmark, Copenhagen

"I really enjoy working at Lantmännen Unibake and I wholeheartedly share the company’s vision and values. When I was offered the chance to move to Copenhagen in August this year and take on a new challenge, I felt extremely grateful to my manager and team, who made it possible for me to take such a step."

Nina Tuomikangas

Director, Strategy & Development
Helsinki, Finland.

“My company Vaasan was acquired by Lantmännen Group almost three years ago. The three years have been the best in my and many of my colleagues’ careers! We have made a complete business transformation– making the change happen has been very exciting and inspiring. I feel very strongly about Lantmännen, its values and owners, who think long term, over generations to come.“

Jesper Burchardt Kristensen

International Sales Development Manager
Denmark, Copenhagen

“The international scope of the business, the outlook of developing, new ways of working with International Sales and develop our International Key Accounts was some of the main reasons for joining Lantmännen Unibake. I really enjoy working in a multinational and cross-functional environment as it broadens your horizon. Working in sales, it’s important to have passion for what you sell, and I truly love working for a company that creates tasty, high-quality bakery for today, tomorrow and the future.”

Adnan Zeljkovic

Purchase Coordinator
Sweden, Malmö

”I wanted to work for an international company with a focus on the future. Lantmännen offered me great opportunity’s to learn, develop and be part of “Reimagine the world of grain” How could I say no to that?”

Marie Brage

Supply Planning Manager
Sweden, Malmö 

“In my position I am involved in the entire supply chain process, moving the product from supplier to customer. The fact that my work is quite challenging is also the reason why it’s so rewarding. The learning never stops, which means I never get bored."

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