Elin Stoij

As a Design Engineering graduate with a Master's in Industrial Economics, Elin Stoij is now building a career in the Lantmännen Group. Having joined as a trainee in 2011, Elin has since worked in various roles in Sweden, Denmark, England and USA. She returned to Head Office in Stockholm in August 2016 as Brand Manager with responsibility for Lantmännen's entire crispbread business including our Finn Crisp brand.

"This is a really exciting job and I have a hands-on role in everything from product development to marketing and also get involved on the sales side," Elin says.

"For me, it's the combination of the service we offer, the people I work with and the company culture that gives me such tremendous job satisfaction. Another important factor for me is that Lantmännen invests in leadership; to develop managers that are not only able to grow businesses and results, but who also have the right attitude and good values.

"Lantmännen is an employer that encourages mobility within the group. As an employee, this means you are given the chance to develop and be offered exciting roles that help you gain a broader understanding and knowledge of the various businesses within the group. When I first joined Lantmännen I was surprised how many different businesses there were," Elin says.

"Lantmännen's very breadth makes it such a unique and awesome company. You can come here from all kinds of educational background and still have every opportunity to create your own career path, thanks to this breadth. As long as you have personal drive and ambition, the sky is pretty much the limit."
During her 15-month trainee period, Elin had the opportunity to rotate between different parts of the group. For instance, she had a taste of marketing bread in Chicago. She also worked as regional head of strategy in Copenhagen and with international business expansion in England.

"One big advantage with the trainee program was the opportunity to develop a valuable network from a very early stage and that I got to know colleagues in many Lantmännen businesses. Something that I have really benefitted from in my current job. Plus, it was exciting to see Lantmännen on an international stage. It's fun to realize that our companies in England and the US are proud of being owned by Swedish farmers," she says.

"Lantmännen is a company based on strong values and with a firm focus on the long-term. This is very much thanks to our having a long history and being owned by farmers. And also because we invest a great deal in research and innovation. Naturally, we work with innovation on a daily basis, but Lantmännen also pursues research and innovation projects that can take decades to bear fruit in terms of a finished product. Having that kind of time perspective is pretty awesome. It makes me really proud of our company."