Lantmännen is a Fortune 500 Europe company

News, 2023

When Fortune for the first time ranks Europe's 500 largest companies based on turnover, Lantmännen is ranked 459th as one of 23 Swedish companies on the list.  

"The fact that Lantmännen is now mentioned among the 500 largest companies in Europe is inspiring. Over the past two decades, we have experienced strong growth and delivered impressive results. Despite an uncertain world around us, we see opportunities to continue to strengthen both Lantmännen and the conditions for a thriving Swedish agriculture when looking ahead," says Magnus Kagevik, Group President and CEO, Lantmännen.

The Fortune 500 list should not only be seen as a list of the companies with the largest turnover, but as a list of the companies that are big enough to make a real difference. The list of Europe's largest companies includes influential companies in sectors such as energy, transport, banking, food, and manufacturing. Together with customers and business partners, they are driving the development in their respective industries in several areas, not least in the domains of sustainability and data security, as well as the development of legislation that aims to create common and favorable business conditions for all actors participating in the green transition.  

"Our size benefits us when it comes to the opportunity to take responsibility and make real difference for Swedish agriculture and our members, both in the short term and to ensure a long-term sustainable food supply for the future. This responsibility benefits Lantmännen, our members and society at large and is a responsibility we are happy to take on," says Magnus Kagevik, Group President and CEO, Lantmännen.

More information about Lantmännen’s work within Farming of the Future can be found on Lantmännen’s website and in the report Farming of the Future. You can also sign up for Lantmännen's webinar "Science Based Action in the Food Value Chain", focusing on how Swedish food production can become fossil-free and meet Science Based Targets already today. The webinar will be held in Swedish on Wednesday 6 December at 14:30, register here.

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