Lantmännen about the new coronavirus

Lantmännen is closely monitoring developments and adapting its operations in line with official recommendations. Information and advice on limiting the spread of infection can be found here.

The world finds itself in an extraordinary situation after that the new coronavirus that leads to the illness covid-19 developed into a pandemic. Governments and authorities of countries have implemented measures to control and slow the spread of the virus – such as closing schools and workplaces, limiting gatherings of people and closing country borders. The measures vary in the countries where we have a presence and changes with the development and spread of the virus.

Lantmännen restrictions

Because of the spread of the coronavirus, Lantmännen has developed wide-ranging restrictions for the entire Group to protect our employees and our businesses. As a global company in agriculture and food, we also have an important social responsibility. Our restrictions apply to working methods, travel, meetings, external contacts and visits to our sites. The restrictions aim to protect the health and safety of our employees and members, to avoid exposing Lantmännen businesses to unnecessary risks and to do all we can to prevent the further spread of infection in society.

All employees at Lantmännen are urged to take precautionary measures to avoid becoming infected or inadvertently spreading the virus further, both during and outside working hours. We are also taking specific safety measures at our production sites and as well as for the personnel working there.

Planerings- och krishanteringsgrupper är etablerade på samtliga nivåer i företaget och vi följer löpande hur situationen utvecklar sig på alla våra geografiska marknader för att kunna vidta ytterligare försiktighetsåtgärder om och när behovet uppstår.

Planning and crisis management groups are established at all levels in the company. In addition, we are continuously monitoring developments on all our geographic markets in order to take additional precautionary measures when the need arises.

At Lantmännen we have responsible, committed and skilled employees and I am convinced that we manage this situation in the best possible way. It is vital that we all continue to support and help each other and try to find solutions to enable our everyday lives and work tasks to flow smoothly despite this challenging situation.

Per Olof Nyman, Group President and CEO